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I was looking for help from experienced dinghy sailors/owners with picking a sailing dinghy. i am looking for recommendations on make and model and if you know anyone who is selling one put me in touch with them. I prefer some sort of sailing/rowing dinghy as opposed to a sunfish style.

Here is my wish list
-Less than 150 lbs (i may be taking it out of the water myself)
-Quick and easy to rig
-Mast that breaks down into sections that will fit in my pickup
-will acomodate me somewhat comfortably and on a rare occasion my girlfriend and maybe a little gear (prefer 450 lbs or greater capacity)
-has enough freeboard that i wont get wet from boat wakes
-rows well
-is FAST under sail and a good sailer
-minimal draft (prefer drop down keel)
-prefer a flat bottom for beaching it
-Mast that will fold back while i am under way(I know this is an odd request but this is why. I will be sailing this on the mystic river. lots of low bridges here where i want to be exploring while sailing. Ideal situation i am sailing around and want to go over there but there is a low bridge, i sail close to it, drop the sail, pull a pin and the mast folds back, i row under the bridge, push the mast back up, raise the sail and continue.)
-tows well behind bigger boat and can be used as a dinghy
- cheap
- 8 ft or bigger (i feel the 7 ft and smaller models will be too cramped or not have weight carrying capacity)

Things i dont need/want
-expensive just because of the name
-good looking (a well built functional boat that looks like crap is preferred to a new looking less quality boat otherwise i will probably be more concerned about scratching it as opposed to having fun with it) (you heard of a rat bike- rusty and old looking but runs perfectly, well a rat dinghy is just fine with me)
-too big to move on my own out of the water
-Mast too tall to transport in my truck

I have done some research and found some that may fit my needs but so far have not found it with all the parts, in my price range, in my location or for some other reason not for me. These are the makes/models i have considered: pilot, dyher 8 ft, skimmar, grumand sailing dinghy (yes rare).

If it were not in perfect shape and needed a little work (cheap parts that are easy to get or some elbow greese, easy fiberglass repair etc) i would be fine with that.
What boats would fit all or most of my needs and any tips where to look. I have already exhausted craigslist.

PS the tip back mast is something i have not seen yet but would be functional for me. anybody know of a boat that does that?
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