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Some more pictures just for fun

Finally downloaded some more pictures...inserted randomly;

Somewhere off the Jersey Coast


Proof we caught at least one fish, actually caught four of these, and one shark, and something else but it got away...I think a Bluefish?

WTF? :laugher

Cafe Boulud in NYC to visit one of my former students...incrediable lunch while our sail was being repaired.

Lady Liberty of course


Angel #1

The other angel...

dont mind my ugly feet please ;)

Name that lighthouse?

Post Paella dinner at Block Island...:p

A couple glasses of wine, good sunset, good dinner = ME Happy sailor

Some beach fun on Block Island

Name this one?

I think its a cool pic?

Submerged pier I suppose just South of the cable area behind Reedy Island, surprise :confused:

Just another amazing sunset

Go Ravens :)

I guess that's all for now :) Happy life, lucky man!
161 - 166 of 166 Posts
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