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Welll....Look on the web for how to inject expanding foam into walls and voids without bursting things apart. Typically you drill some 1/2" holes low to inject the foam, some more of the same high to allow excess foam to bleed off instead of blowing things up. Then you inject low-expansion foam (safer) or high expansion foam (more bouyancy) between the hulls and you've turned your boat into a Boston Whaler of sorts.

The hulls will be forever glued together, but it sounds like that's not a problem. You will need to watch the holes and wipe off excess goop while the expanding is going on, and shoot some goo into a shoebox first to get some idea how much it actually expands under your weather conditions. (Heat and humidity matter.)

Ain't elegant or proper...but it just might be a way to go. No one is the wiser if you get some plugs or bungs to cap over the holes after you've made them. (And cap over the bottom holes right away after you inject the foam, of course.)
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