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I have a 14' Skimmar circa 1972, fiberglass hull, retractable keel. It leaks. The cockpit doesn't fill up but the "inner hull" does and will pick up about 2-4 gallons per hour until she sits heavy in the water. I suspect it has something to do with the retractable keel (moonpool effect?) because water pressure recently popped the seal on a plug in the keel housing that 'boxily' sticks up in the center of the cockpit. Patched that, but she still takes on water. The fiberglass hull is showing numerous cracks that aren't leaking yet, but there is strain.
Wore out boat? Junk it and salvage the rigging and hardware? Pour fiberglass patching goop down into the inner hull? Gorilla glue the microfractures? Call McGyver? Eat a sandwich, drink a glass of milk? Thoughts?
Thank you,
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