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You can use two handicap methods in a race. say a standard one and a club handicap where last weeks winner is basically [email protected]@@@ and by the end of the season/series everyone has won a race. Then in the Apres race BBQ you style the prizes for the handicapping system you want to emphasise: First prize club = 24 beers, first place PHRF = 6 pack.

Also you could toy with some of the more modern race methods like the Americas Cup and many dinghy regattas where the race is only 20 minutes long and you do 3 races in 2 hours over the same course. 5 minutes between when the last person on one race finishes until the warning gun of the next race.

Depending on your geographic location theres fun races like a smash and grab where the race goes to a dock where the mid point is a dock you smash into, run along to grab a prize and get back o the boat to the next leg.

Good luck with it.

Oh, there are a few where you have to run up some big hill too. Crazy but some people love it!
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