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Help or advice on cruise planning

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Im currently planning the first leg of our seabatical year. At first I wanted to motor down the richelieu river and to the Hudson to reach the ICW going south for next winter. Since the Can $ is dropping alot recently we decided to head East from Québec and to cruise the Gulf of St-lawrence for the first part of our trip.

This is a rundown of our itineray so far, I would like to have your opinion or if any of you went that way if you could give us tips.

Québec to Cap à l'aigle (Marina)
Distance : 64.1 NM
Estimated time : 10hrs

Cap-à-l'aigle to Ile-du-pot-à-la-vie (Anchorage)
Distance : 22.5 NM
Estimated time : 4hrs30

Ile-du-pot-à-la-vie to Parc du Bic (Anchorage)
Distance : 47.7 NM
E.T : 9hrs
Note : plan to spend 1 full day there to explore and leave the next.

Parc du Bic to Rimouski (Marina)
Distance : 19.2 NM
E.T : 4hrs
Note : A stop to visit friends in town

Rimouski to Matane (Marina)
Distance : 43.9 NM
E.T : 9hrs

Matane to Cap-Chat (Marina)
Distance : 42.3 NM
E.T : 8hrs30

Cap-Chat to Mont-Louis (Anchorage)
Distance: 43.8 NM
E.T : 9hrs

Mont-Louis to Cloridome (fishing port)
Distance : 41 NM
E.T : 8hrs

Cloridome to Rivière au Renard (Anchorage)
Distance : 25.6 NM
E.T : 5hrs

Rivière au Renard to Anse à Brillant (Fishing Port)
Distance : 31.8 NM
E.T : 5hrs45

Anse-à-Brillant to Petite-Rivière (Fishing Port)
Distance : 31.9 NM
E.T : 5hrs45

Petite-Rivière to Bonaventure (Marina)
Distance : 58.9 NM
E.T : 10hrs45
Note: 3 days stop for friends and river kayaking

Bonaventure to Shippagan (Anchorage)
Distance : 43.2 NM
E.t : 8hrs

Shippagan to Havre-Aubert Magdalen Island (Anchorage)
Distance : 144 NM
E.T : 26hrs
Note : 4 to 5 days to explore the Island and Nightlife

Havre-Aubert to Souris (P.E.I) (Marina)
Distance : 75.8 NM
E.T : 14hrs

Souris to Port Hawkebury (Marina)
Distance : 58 NM
E.T : 10hrs30

So this is it what we plan for our first leg of the trip. From there we hope to continu south to Halifax and then cross the Gulf of Maine early September for the second leg of our trip along the US East Coast.

I was wondering how many days should I allow for weather delays ?
We will be 2 inexperience cruiser, I have been sailing for many years but only daysails and weekenders. From Shippagan to Magdalen 24hr sail will be a milestone for me.

Do you find our planning realistic ?

Thank you.
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How concrete is your schedule? With those distances and times, plan on a lot of motoring.
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