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I am the new proud owner of a Hunter 37 cutter. This boat has a bad case of dock rash and has deep scraches in several locations on the starbord side.
I very familiar with automotive fiberglass repairs and fillers, however I am not familiar with marine product names. Can anyone sudgest what to use as filer and primer?? Eventually, the boat will be repainted after all repairs and upgrades are completed.

Also, the bottom is pressure washed and cleaned but does not look good. The boat has been out for 8 months and should be dry. Since it is going to be on the hard for several months, in a public area, ( my business rear parking lot), I wanted to paint it for apearance sake. I dont want to paint it with antifouling paint yet. Is there an other paint that I can aply to have a protective coat and be able to apply the required fouling paint before launching??



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