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We routinely step and unstep the mast of the sailing schools H-Boat two man alone without any additional tools.
This requires two things: The mast must be deckstepped, and prefereably hinged in some way - if not, a third person is recommended.
We loosen the stays a little (don't remove them), remove the foreshroud. then one of us lower it using the spinakker or headsail halyards, while the other supports its aft side. You don't want to hold the halyard in your hands, put it around something and let it out slowly but steady, while watching everything is ok.
It is also strongly preferable to be the guy on the halyard, as the other one risks getting beaten on the head by the stick - it is potentially dangerous, so wear a hardhat if you have one :cool:

If your mast is very thickwalled and heavy, it could be too heavy.

Btw the H-Boats mast is around 9.5 meters ~ 31 feet IIRC and relatively lightweight.
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