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Help with a leak?

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Hi there! I'm the proud owner of a 1971 Coronado 23. It's in good overall shape, but there are a couple "big" projects I want to complete before the busy summer sailing excitement. The main one is a leak. Basically anytime it rains there is a decent size puddle of water directly under the cockpit, just behind the stair and running down the galley toward the v-berth.

I'm a total novice to boat repairs and maintenance, but I want to figure this out and get Kelpie cleaned up. I've checked out right under the starboard drain in the cockpit, which is where I'm guessing the leak is coming from. There is a (very) rusty faucet right there, and since the leaky water is a reddish color, I'm thinking the faucet has something to do with this.

Can anyone give me an idea of where to start on this? Why is there a faucet there? I can't get it to budge, and I've tried to chip away at the thick rust, but I'm kind of baffled. Thanks for your advice!
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Go to the Off Topic subforum and find something to babble in for a few more posts. Then post a pic here. I sort of doubt you have a fresh city water adapter, but suppose that could be the faucet you refer to.

Leaks are a PITA to find. As mentioned, they can travel from a long way away. Had a Captain once tell me, "leaks on a sailboat travel uphill". Sounds funny, but not really. When you are heeled over or pitching up and down, what is uphill at the slip, isn't necessarily underway.

The rusty water is a great clue. However, it could be a backing plate or anything under the deck.

Not all leaks will show themselves while running water or raining. I have one that takes at least 12 hours to makes its way through some obscure path. Very hard to find. I just sealed one more thing up and am waiting to see if I got it. Fingers crossed.
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