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i am buying them on internet but i dont know which ones to pick.
i am planning to buy new. anybody know which brand is good? maybe good and cheep?

thank you
As to EPIRBs and Sat Phones, "good and cheap" are mutually exclusive although some vendor's may charge less for the same equipment than others. As to good EPIRBs, both ACR ARTEX and McMurdo make good equipment that is sold by a number of vendors (Google for that).

Satellite phones are a more limited market so the equipment alternatives are likewise limited. More important than the equipment, however, is the service provider (preferably one that won't require a change in your SIM card while you are at sea!). Google is your friend on this count as well. Note, however, that you might find renting a device for given passages more economical the buying the gear and paying for a service plan.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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