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Hello all, I picked up an Albacore that I have researched to be likely 1969 era (plate is missing). It has not been sailed in a couple of years and needs some TLC, but appears pretty sound all around. It is 90% fiberglass with some remaining teak areas (though varnished). My biggest quandary at this point is about the paint.

At some point in the past someone painted the hull and deck - white over the pale blue original which can be seen clearly in many places and a power wash upon receiving it in the fall took more off + red color with white waterline on hull over the top of the white original. The red on the hull is faded and dinged, so needs a freshening. Because the white on the deck is flaking off I need to either get the rest of the white off (except in cockpit which was always white below the seats) or repaint it white.

I also have some small replacements for equipment like cleats, etc, possibly some of the rigging.

I just want to get ready to be on the water in a couple of months, so not trying to spend too much or kill myself on this, as I become more familiar with the Albacore class.
  1. First, parts - where do I best find the correct Albacore parts or for a boat this old do I have to seek out vintage stuff, whatever I can make work? Any good Albacore or specific websites available?
  2. Paint - Can I get the remainder of the white off the original blue deck without damaging it and then do touch ups with the proper blue? What is the best way to try to get that off? Or is it better to cut my losses and just paint white over again? What would be the best paint for this?
  3. Paint - Is there an all purpose primer + paint that would serve to paint the hull whether I go with completely white to match the original or somewhat match the look now (dark paint, white waterline stripe,probably with something other than the reddish that is there now)? What would be the best paint?
I will probably store dry on trailer unless I move closer to the water, so keeping that in mind for the painting.
Thanks in advance for any help!
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