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How often do you plan to spend half a day beating into 30 knots of wind? That's what the sail and setup you describe are generally for on boats a good deal larger than yours. The 24' Serraffyn (sp?) may have had a staysail, but she also had a bowsprit putting the tack of the outer jib out about 10' further, and she weighed about eight times what your boat weighs. Spending for the rigging is just the start. The sail will be another similar amount, and you may need to rig new jib leads as well. To avoid straining parts of the boat that were not designed for such a setup could also be a hassle. Reinforcing the deck at the tack, new running backstays (and the hassle they can be when you're not using them), and the mast could simply de-form at the hounds from the load and... goodbye rig. It may sound like a sensible "just in case" option, but the better option would be to spend the money on a radio that gets marine band weather reports and listen to it. I If the wind pipes up too much, furl the jib, reef the main, and power (or sail) home.
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