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Help-Yanmar Diesel Shut off

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I have a 1 cylinder Yanmar 7.5 hp inboard on my Bayfield 25. Over a month ago, I was motoring out and the engine started sputtering and then completely shut off. I had fuel in the engine. I turned the engine off and then back on and tried to start again. No Joy. I have had numerous boat guys tell me I ran out of fuel, and we bled the engine. Again no joy. When I turn the key and press the starter button, it whirls up but will not engage. Any suggestions. I have heard that the fuel filter may be clogged and I should change, but this was done in April.

Can anybody offer some advice, please, the girlfriend is nagging me about taking her sailing this week. :D
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Do you have a filter with a drain on the bottom? If so, drain it a bit and see if water comes out. If not or just a little comes out, change the filter and bleed the line. If it starts then you have fuel issues (or just a dirty filter).
Thats always a good first step when the engine dies and wont restart.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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