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Help-Yanmar Diesel Shut off

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I have a 1 cylinder Yanmar 7.5 hp inboard on my Bayfield 25. Over a month ago, I was motoring out and the engine started sputtering and then completely shut off. I had fuel in the engine. I turned the engine off and then back on and tried to start again. No Joy. I have had numerous boat guys tell me I ran out of fuel, and we bled the engine. Again no joy. When I turn the key and press the starter button, it whirls up but will not engage. Any suggestions. I have heard that the fuel filter may be clogged and I should change, but this was done in April.

Can anybody offer some advice, please, the girlfriend is nagging me about taking her sailing this week. :D
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Take it easy, man. It's's always fuel.

Change the filters. There should be 2. April was a long time ago. Be sure to fill up the filters with fuel before puting them back in to make bleeding faster.

As you bleed, make sure that there is ample fuel flow. If not, there could be a clog on the intake from the tank.

If it still wont start, loosen an injector and turn engine over until fuel flows freely and without bubbles from the injector nut. If you do too much turning over (more than 1 minute combined) you may have to empty the sea water from your exhaust system. Not doing so could cause problems we don't want to talk about.

After fuel is flowing freely from the injector nut, tighten nut and fire her up. She'll go!

Let us all know how it goes.
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Thanks Guys

My problem ended up being a faulty mechanical fuel lift pump. I replaced and sailed all weekend. Thanks again for all the great advice and thoughtful comments.


Palmetto Pirate
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