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Help-Yanmar Diesel Shut off

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I have a 1 cylinder Yanmar 7.5 hp inboard on my Bayfield 25. Over a month ago, I was motoring out and the engine started sputtering and then completely shut off. I had fuel in the engine. I turned the engine off and then back on and tried to start again. No Joy. I have had numerous boat guys tell me I ran out of fuel, and we bled the engine. Again no joy. When I turn the key and press the starter button, it whirls up but will not engage. Any suggestions. I have heard that the fuel filter may be clogged and I should change, but this was done in April.

Can anybody offer some advice, please, the girlfriend is nagging me about taking her sailing this week. :D
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Sounds like you have two problems. First is probably fuel filter(s). Bleeding the system (after changing the filters and filling them with fuel) may involve finding the bleed screw on the injection pump and getting the air out of there before you crack open the line at the injector. The location should be in your manual. Generally it's a good idea to shut off the raw water valve while bleeding to prevent sea water from building up in the exhaust manifold and then into the cylinder by way of the exhaust valve. Remember to OPEN the valve when the engine starts. The second problem sounds like the bendix on the starter not engaging if I understand your post correctly. Might be able to just replace the bendix, but knowing marine engine parts you'll most likely have to buy a new starter:mad:
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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