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Help Yanmar YSE8 - basic questions

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Hi all,

I'll explain what has happened. The engine has been running fine for over a year since I got the boat. Yesterday I was moving the boat and to get it into the wind i pushed the throttle to the maximum, that is when the engine just went off and I havn't been able to start it again.

My questions are:
1. Could there be air in the fuel line ?
2. Could it be the fuel filter ?
3. I am guessing the problem is that there is no fuel coming into the engine as i undid the nipple at the top of the injection pipe
then cranked the engine using the starter motor and nothing was coming out, I expected some fuel ?

I have photos but cannot upload as this is my first post..

I thought I should try to bleed the engine however I cannot work out how to do this. I have the manual however I cannot locate the 'delivery valve holder' the drawing doesnt seem to match what Im looking at.

I then thought about checking the fuel filter however again Im not sure what to undo and i dont want to undue the wrong things.

Any advice greatly appreciated.

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I would trace your throttle cable back to the engine. You may have pushed it to far and it loosened and slipped causing the fuel to close. It may just need a bolt tightened up. If your cable is loose as you apply throttle to start the handle moves but does not move the fuel control.
To bleed the system loosen the nut where the fuel supply connects to the injector is. Turn the motor over till fuel comes out. re tighten and clean up the mess.
Thank you!!
The problem was that the bracket which held the throttle cable in place came loose, it wasn't noticeable but once tightened everything was sorted.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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