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From an article about Madonna and her latest boy toy...

"Everyone knows they are 'ficando,' which is a Portuguese expression that means they are kissing and doing other things but without any obligation of being faithful or getting into a relationship afterwards," a mole told the Brazilian Web site in December.
So what's w/ this expression? :confused: Is this just a Portagee way of saying "a friend w/ benefits? ;-) ;)

And where can I find my very own Ficandobabe? :laugher (shhh don't tell the redhead!)

And what would MRS. G have to say about this?:eek:

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"Ficando" is really a Portuguese from Brasil, word, just like you guys in the US have words that the British don't have...

The Portuguese word is "amizade colorida", which translates to "cloured frineship", or "Curtir", which means.."enjoy"...really....

"ficando" means to stay, like if someone had no where to go, he would stay, without time, or obligations...

So it makes sense..

as for a "ficando" babe...

I can't help you there...send a PM to cam...:laugher :laugher :laugher

I am married 17 years now, same wife, and hope many more years..I never "ficando" with anyone else, so my wife is OK and happy.
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