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Okay, I'll play....

  1. Fenced in property with access gate with a card
  2. Water Electricity available prevalent throughout sit. The more hook up locations the better. My last yard had only a few, which was a pain. The yard that I previously used at a outlet and dual spigot for every two boats
  3. Dumpster and Waste Fluid Collection site like Oil and AF. Not super critical for Waste Fluids, but a nice to have
  4. Clean Bathrooms 24/7 - both Men and Women - with TP and some good hand soap/hand cleaner. Bathrooms are worthless if they have no soap or TP.
  5. Security lights around the yard
  6. Hard surface to put boat stands. Make at least fine gravel. No hard pack mud or grass
  7. On-site repair shop
  8. Site manager during the day
  9. Close access to water. Doesn't need to be on water for off-season storage, but does need to be near by water
  10. Close to hardware stores and convenience stores. Tool, part, and food runs are common during a day of work.
  11. Clean site that doesn't have crap everywhere
  12. Enough room between boats, RVs etc to allow work all around boat. My last yard had me 1 inch away from next boat and I couldn't wash and wax hull in that location until the boat was moved. On the other side, I didn't have a lot of room either.
  13. If you are going to have sailboats a protected rack to store masts.
  14. Jack stand rental. Not everyone has a their own stands or trailer

As far as in-season dry storage, I wouldn't do it as It would be cost or time prohibitive to me as I have a 7 ton, 33 ft boat with a 50' mast. If I lived 2 h away from the water and I had a powerboat that I didn't tow back and forth, I would consider dry storage. For off-season storage, I would consider your site for my sailboat if you had relationships with folks that could haul/launch and demast my boat that was affordable.

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