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Hey folks, I've been lurking around the forums for awhile and soaking up info and figured it's time to say hello. I live in Florida so it's basically always boating season! Ever since I sold my fishing boat a few years ago I have been wanting another and it's getting close to that time. For me the big debate has been wether to get another power boat for fishing or a sailboat. My fiance on the other hand is set on a sailboat. I have quite a bit of power boating experience but my sailing experience is minimal at best. Anyways I have found this website very informative and most people seem quite helpful. Reading the stories and seeing the pictures has definitely swayed me more towards the sailing side lately. I look forward to learning more and conversing with you all further.

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Welcome to sailnet, this is a great place with a lot of good people willing to help and answer questions for you. It might be good for you to join a sailing cow much you enjoylub or look at a charter to see how much you enjoy it. Good luck and let us know what you chose.
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