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Hi everybody! We are young family from Russia - 32 years old and 29 years old and our son 5 years old. We are merry,energetic,communicative and we love to travel.
We are thinking to buy sailboat a very long time that our traveling will become more saturated and more colorful. We know better than that in each case has their plus and minus.
Thats why we would like to fill on own skin what is it `life on the sailbout`? before such a responsible step like a purchase sailboat.Do we fit such a life?

We are not rich thats why boat rental is not our way. So we thought about that someone may invite us to live on a sailboat on some time.
we know people living on their boat not all the time and leave their boat unattended near dock. We could to live on boat at berth.
we are not going out to sea as our practice is not much, we just want to know what is living on the boat and will find a new friends,learning language and etc.
I can help in repairing yours sailboard. Many years ago I practice auto repair thats why skill work with hands is very large ( I own various types of welding) and work head too
You can absolutely trust us. We will be glad to any review, advice which will help in our endeavor.

all thank you very much
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