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Hi.Everybody,Grubsy the Ausie

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Short intro, I live on an Island off Brisbane/ Australia.Retired 12 months ago. Lots of fishing and sailing.I own a beautiful 50yo.timber sloop.she's 11mts/37ft 11 ton with a 2ft retractable blade under neath.sails like a dream ,English design built in the forum and good sailing-boating.
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Hey grubs, welcome to SN dude. Sounds like you're living right, mate!
G'day Grubsie. Sounds like you're in sailing paradise. Do you have any pictures of your boat?
Hi Smackdaddy thanks for the contact all of the east coast of Australia is covered in red dust at the moment ,It was thick as soup .houses,cars,boats,are all red.1 good thing (red cars are faster) my white yacht,now red will be faster. bye 4 now grubsy,
Hi Billabong The large bay I live on is Moreton Bay 110mls.x25mls.large,with many islands and sand banks to dodge.Great for sailing and gets a bit lumpy at times,Ill postr a photo when I figger-out how to. bye 4 now grubsy
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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