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Hi...I'm new and have a question...

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Hi...I just thought I'd 'kill two birds with one stone'
since I don't have much time before I head off to work.
I'm Kelly...and I'm new to sailing...TOTALLY NEW!
My boyfriend of almost 2 years recently bought a sailboat and has yet to put it in the water as he is waiting for some work to be completed on it.
We're looking forward to getting away on it even though we are now into the colder months!!
I'm sure I will have lots of questions for all of you who are experienced sailors!
In the meantime, I have just one question for now.
My guy mentioned that he would like a knife to use on his boat....for emergency having to cut through rope.
I have been asking in a particular store for some info and havent had much time yet to google some info.
The knife I've been looking at is the Spyderco brand.
There are a couple that have been recommended to me and I want to make sure that I get the right kind for him (for I can't ask him!!)
So...which kind would be best?
There is one with a pointed tip and a curved, surrated blade.
And another with a straight edge...surrated blade with a rounded tip.

Some models that I've had mentioned to me by salespeople are the
-spyderhawk salt (C77YL)
-saver (I dont know the model number)
-atlantic salt (SC89SYL)

Which knife do you use?
And do you have any pointers or tips (pardon the pun)
when purchasing a knife for 'pleasure sailing'.
Is a surrated edge better than a razor edge?
Is it better to have a rounded opposed to a pointed tip?

Thanks for your advice!! :)
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I just posted a thread in the Gear & Maintenance area in regards to onboard toolkits as I am new also. You might want to piggy-back on that or post your question there. I am also interested in what folks recommend to you in regards to knives. Welcome to SailNet and sailing!
Copied and pasted...going to do that now!
I'd suggest that the best functioning sailor's knife would have the marlinspike as well as the blade. 'take care and joy, Aythya crew
I have several sailing knives one of which is the Spyderco Atlantic Salt. It's a great knife.

If he want's a working deck knife that will quickly cut any line he needs a serrated blade. If he's doing a lot of splicing and rope work he'll want a straight edge knife with a marlinspike. I fixed blade is good if he needs to grab it in a hurry with one hand, but 9 times out of 10 a folding knife is more practical and easier to carry. Check out Myerchin Knives. They make traditional folding and nonfolding sailor knives with serrated and regular blades. And they all have a spike.
I have one like this: West Marine: Victorinox Compact Knife, Mariner Blue Product Display

and find it to be quite useful as it has a fid and many other useful blades. Serrated blade is best for cutting most lines (ropes) quickly.
Victorinox is the maker of 'Swiss Army Knives'.

Im a nube as well, , and dont know one knife from another,, So, jsut WELCOME :D

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