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What Faster said.
I only wish to add that the Catalina 22/25s with a swing keel are pretty much ideal as far as your stated needs were given, as long as you really don't want to actually cross any Ocean.
There are a lot of them, and they hold their value.

If you do wish to cross oceans... yes, there are options. Very expensive options.

For one thing- just because a boat comes with a trailer doesn't mean that it can be launched from that trailer. A Crane might be needed, because the Trailer is really just a Highway convenience.

Another thing- forget about Length, it's the Beam that really matters. Anything above 8' in Beam is going to cause difficulties. How difficult the difficulties are, depends on where you currently are, and where you wish to go. By Highway.

All is not lost, if you seek adventure. Look into Folkboats, Albin Vegas, and Contessa 26s. These are old, tried and true Voyagers, which have been trailered just about everywhere, when trailering was deemed necessary.

My Best to you,

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