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As a newbie to Sailing forums i thought i wopuld give you Sailnet people somre feedback on my search for a forum to read and communicate on. (this was also the basis of a thesis i was doing on Phsycology relating to peoples interactions through the electronic media / forums / blogs.)

Well having been involved in the marine industry all my life and a sailor of 40 years i never thought i would find any issues with the selection of a good forum to be involved with.

Well, so i thought.

The story started jus over 8 months ago when i Googled sailing forums and found a selection.

well over the last eight months i perused / scoped out the forums for the following...

general Information

range of people, topics and information available.

General tone of site

Politeness of forums

standards of forums

dominance of sites by what i call "noise" (people who dominate the site, alienate posters and post "garbage threads!

good humour.

and what did i find...

well the good news first.

Sailnet was the best site to meet the criteria.

But what astonished me was the sites that were dominated by a small group of very dominant people and the level of abuse and down right aggression by both thedominant groups and the people opposing these dominant groups.

It was eye opening to a Newbie, to sailing forums, such as my self.

anyway i hoipe to enjoy communicating with you sailnetters and hope i can offer any help along the way!

and... have a great day!
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