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I'm Glenn

I started with boats in the 60's, started sailing in the 70's, got involved in racing small cats in the late 70's, what a blast, I still enjoy giving my Hobie 14 a thrashing.

In the 90's we bought a Jarcat 5, it was a good way to introduce my family to sailing and camping on the water instead of them watching my mad antics from the shore.

We are also into kayaking, it is a real buzz going for an early morning paddle on some out of the way creek or river and watching the birds and animals wake up.

Our latest aquisition is a 1997 Macgregor 26X which we imported from the US ourselves, it arrived only a few weeks ago so I am still altering the trailer to Australian Spec, we will be getting it on the water in the New Year.

Till then I shall take my time getting the boat cleaned-up, the shippers and US and Australian Customs were pigs, everythings a mess!

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