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High Center Board Woes

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Does anyone have advice on how to climb onto a high centerboard. I have a Fusion 15 dingy. Had to be "rescued" the other day as I was unable to climb on the high centerboard. It capsized during a sudden gust and it did a 180 on my first right attempt, leaving me in the water. It rides almost three feet out of the water. Very frustrating. Any thoughts other than hit the gym?
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Release the mainsheet.Pull down on the end of the board and wait till sail and mast come out of the water.When it starts to right, two hands on the gunnel and one foot on the center board and swing into the boat as it come level.
That's the way I did it 20 years ago.Now I would call for hellllp!

According to Chuck Allen, Fusion 15, A Fast Dinghy for All Ages this is supposed to be the fun part.
Part of having fun means not being afraid to capsize. While the Fusion 15 has good stability, I was in charge of the "flip test" and can report the boat is easy to right and reenter through the open transom, and the water drains quickly out the stern.
It sounds like once you have capsized, it is difficult to reach centerboard from the water. All I can suggest is that as you capsize you walk over on to the centerboard. Or, if you are not alone, perhaps your crew can lift up the top of the mast enough for you to reach the centerboard.

Always try to right the a capsize with the bow pointed into the wind, or from standing on the windward side.
Thanks guys! Yes the problem is getting on the board if the first attempt is a failure or if I get low sided and end up swimming. It is very bouyant and the centerboard is at my finger tips. I tried six times to get up. All I got was a bruised ego and biceps. I am thinking of carrying a small rope ladder to sling around the board and then remove it once I am up. Otherwise it would be concerning to sale alone which is usually the case.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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