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Hillerange Seaward Princess Hinge Repair

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I have a two burner Hillerange / Seaward Princess range (#2172). One of the hinges has been loose since we got her. If you want to use the oven you have to tug the door upward slightly when you close it to get a good seal.

It "feels" like a loose mounting bolt, but my concern is the pivot hole in the spring arm assembly may be rounded out from use.

The good news is I've gotten far enough into my "to-do" list that I can deal with "annoying little things". The bad news is I'm not sure I can still get parts for this range and it looks like I'm going to have to remove it completely and do a lot of disassembly to get to the hinge (which is why I've been living with it).

Before I dive in I was wondering if anyone here has done this repair and if there's any info you can share?

Thanks in advance,
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I have bought stove parts for my Seaward stove from this company. They also repaired my mercury valve; the one that controls the oven burner. Their stainless steel burner grate while expensive does not rust like the standard grate.

Good people. Seaward Propane (LPG) Range Parts

Bill Murdoch
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A headed stud sticks out from each side of the stove. The stove swings on that headed stud. The studs drop into slots in two plates, again left and right, bolted to the sides of the cutout. A tab is bent inward over the headed stud when resting in the slot in the plate to keep the stove from coming free in a rollover event. You will need to bend that tab away from the stove before you can lift the stove out of the cutout. Princess Stove.pdf but, there is not much there.

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