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Hobie 16 Sailing Question

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Hello, I''m the new owner of a Hobie 16. Normally there will be two of us sailing her, but I imagine there will be some nights I want to take her out on my own. Setting the mast seems to be a major ordeal since there are few places to gain leverage from and few sturdy footholds. Any input on rigging a Hobie mast solo would be much appreciated! Today I connected the side stays and used a little contraption to hold the mast in line with its base while it''s lifted. I got about 5 feet from the mast and couldn''t do it alone. Thanks for the help.
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You definitely need the mast hinge to raise the mast. Be sure to remove the hinge pin before raising the sail or the hinge will bend/break and you won''t be able to lower the mast.

Start with the side stays connected, the mast base hinge connected and the mast laying down. Tie a line around the head stay above the lower terminal (clove hitch), run it over the top of the "bridle" where the headstay terminal will connect to, and then back to the trampoline, passing under the bridle. Tie it to the lacing on the trampoline.

Stand on the rear of the tramp and lift the mast, walking it iup into position like lifting a ladder. Once vertical, lean on the mast with one hand, reach down and pull the line (tied to the tramp lacing at your feet) to the headstay until it is snug - not tight. Tie it securely to the mast. Get down off the tramp and go connect the headstay terminal.

Reverse the process to lower the mast.

Have fun. Hobie 16''s are great boats.

Ahoy Hobie 16 sailor, I had a similar problem the first time I tryed to raise the mast on my 16'' Glen Marine design cat. My solution was to have the stern beached on the ramp with the mast laid foward at its step,with the stays attatched and slack. I then clipped on the trailor winch to the topping lift or in your case a halyard and cranked it up. Once up, the tension from the fore stay and the trailor held it while I adjusted the rigging to where I wanted it.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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