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Holding tank manual pumpout?

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Anyone ever rig an overboard discharge pumpout for a holding tank? I''ve got one of those flexible things and am thinking - always dangerous - that I should be able to rig an electric pump and hose to yet another lockable Y-valve or two (if I want to keep the deck pumpout) and send it out the way the head goes out. No? Anyone?
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I have that capability on my boat. It is much handier than a pump out station if you are off shore often enough to use it.

West Marine shows the set up in their catalog using a manual pump which is the way mine is rigged. It works fine.


Jim S/V Mon Ami
kimberlite has a deck pump out, as well as a straight overboard for the head, a macerator and also a manual overboard pump.
kind of looks like chernobel.
if you would like to see the hookup just remind me when i see you.
Our B-40 has a direct discharge from the toilet, a deck discharge from the holding tank, and an electric pump discharge from the holding tank through the macerator and out the same direct discharge as the toilet. As eric said, the system looks like a plumbing nightmare but it works beautifully. We carry a spare macerator pump as well as rebuild kits even though, in the event of electrical fu''s, we can revert to manual pumping.
Thanks. I''ll check the West site. Sounds like from the tank a line going to the macerator pump then to a Y-valve on the deck pumpout line to set for overboard or deck and a Y-valve on the overboard discharge allowing the head or the tank to pump out. Sounds like a potential three mile island to me. I''d like to see Kimberlite''s plumbing when you get hereabouts. KW
On my previous boat I routed the head to the holding tank, I then installed a Y valve in the drain line one side to the deck port and the othe to a hand operated diaphram pump . Never had any trouble and it was very simple to stay legal as the tank was always on line
How would I get in touch with Kimberlite?

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