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We were in AK and BC in 2006. BR has a LectraSan and so we're legal inside 3 miles while in the US. I don't know what the BC regulations are. The only place you'll find pump out stations in AK or BC are in the big towns. North of Prince Rupert we didn't see that many boats in the anchorages we visited, and we saw no one anywhere checking the positions of head seacocks.

Town marinas generally have excellent facilities, so no doubt you can pump out there, but outside the towns?????... my guess is you're out of luck. No one's advocating anyone do anything contrary to the law, but AK is a VERY big place and many people we met up there migrated north to escape government's influence in their lives. My guess is there's 1000sX more whale s**t floating around than that of human origin, and no one's upset with the whales being there.

Re customs -- the Canadians will be much more concerned with how much booze you have than how you're head is plumbed. US customs in AK was pretty relaxed.
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