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You might want to put in some poop eating bacteria. You can get the really strong stuff at places like Lowes. I say this, because on an old tank, the same as in a septic system on land, you can get a buildup of sludge in the bottom of the tank that reduces your actual holding capacity.

The bacteria will start to break that stuff up. You need to put it in with lots of water, and then just let the stuff work for a while. (I got turned on to this when living in a used motor home after Katrina that had the same problem).

And, I agree. Long term cruisng wise, a 15 gallon holding tank is pretty small.

I have two 40 gallon holding tanks in my boat (two heads). My problem is just the opposite. I can go a lot longer without needing to empty my tanks than most state water enforcement people (like in some Florida places) believe.
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