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You will get to know how much poop fits the tank, how many flushes 'til full. You will be able to feel the difference in flushes (assuming manual, non-electric head). You will see the overflow out the vent until you develop this sense the tank is full thing. Then pump outs will be your friend. We have never had a gauge and feel they are prone to failure. Live without, say I!

15 gallons is very small for a tank. Since you guys want to cruise, that is going to be a big factor in your plans. You need some way of emptying that tank when out at sea, away from land where it's legal. Do you have a macerator and overboard discharge? Guys can "direct discharge" over the side which helps but ladies can't. Also, have a "No toilet paper down the toilet" rule. Keeps things from filling and clogging. Keep a trash can for the TP.

At least the tank didn't explode.


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