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I am planning a cruise next summer where 1 of the stops is Gwynn Island on the Chesapeake Bay. I plan on going through the channel known as "Hole in the Wall" south of Gwynn Island and will have several boats with me. My charting software seems to indicate a depth of 5 - 6 feet in the marked channel but I know that there are often discrepencies that one doesn't know about unless you have been there yourself. So, I am looking for a person with local knowledge of those waters who can advise me about that passage. Anyone familiar with this marked channel?

Please let me hear from you!


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I was local to those areas for many years and all the sailboats used to go into Gwynn's "over the top" rather than through hole in the wall which was primarily used by motor boats. The over the top entrance is well marked and fine. You might want to go in the northern entrance then obtain local knowledge once there to see if exiting via hole in the wall is advisable with your draft.

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I live in Cobbs Creek about 5 miles from Gwynn's island and I've got an Irwin 37cc with a 5ft draft and I go along with the above statement, the south hole in the wall is just too skinny. I've got friends there and I was really thinking about going through there, but after I went on the island and got a good look at it and after talking with a few locals, I desided to use the north route in.
The lift bridge way is the way to go.

Good Luck,


PS: You've picked a great area to sail, theres so many creeks & rivers to explore you'll love it.
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