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Holly grail for new teak!

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I Red lots of stuff (most of it scared me) in this forum about how to protect teak on boat. Mine is brand new so I want to have a PERFECT start and maintain it after. When you have a bad start on painting, difficult time after to come. Environmental stuff, very bad experience. Just scrap a Terra Cotta floor because the vendor changes my urethane for water based varnish that peel when a drop of water comes...

Oil: React with the caulking and the floor will turn gray?
Varnish: Peel after time?
Epoxy: UV Annihilation after time?
Cetol: Turn dark?

Varnish on epoxy is the holly grail? I like wet look but I hated gray or dark wook so oil is probably not a solution for me.

Remember my floor is brand new so it's not a refurbishing solution that I need but a first time, last time solution...
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You might give this consideration if your intent on doing this ..

TeakGuard Products - Teak Finish and Restoration Superior to Teak Oil
natural teak and antifouling bottom will only make me more often sailing than cleaning, right?
Amen Brother...your catching on now..;)

What little exterior wood I have I wish was not there at all...nothing but a pain.
I never have liked grating in a cockpit myself so that's a moot point for me..I have tender feet so it nixes any barefoot comfort for this kid and I also hate always lifting them to get a good clean job done on the underlying fiberglass deck.

It is beautiful as a whole in your picture ( when new)...but for 1200.00 I'd pass in a nano second.
Well Id just wait 3 more days then and go for a sunlight viewable 21" remote touch screen nav monitor for my stearing pedistal... for my computer based nav station then..:D
Good first post...Welcome I have to ask... what happened to #10?
Thanks for the welcome. I'll wear it out soon with ??????'s:)

Ol' #10 had fight with a circular saw and lost. Got me at the first knuckle. Not all that big of a deal really, but I had to come up with a username and I was feeling nostalgic.
Ouch!............ya...and its a lot shorter Handel then "This little pinkie went wee wee wee all the way home"..;)

I'm actually 9 and three quarters myself...............Sheet metal break

Dang! Wake surf boy that is a beautiful boat...Hey there you are hanging of the about that.
So now the .98 cent question....whatca-goona-do?..:p
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