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Holly grail for new teak!

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I Red lots of stuff (most of it scared me) in this forum about how to protect teak on boat. Mine is brand new so I want to have a PERFECT start and maintain it after. When you have a bad start on painting, difficult time after to come. Environmental stuff, very bad experience. Just scrap a Terra Cotta floor because the vendor changes my urethane for water based varnish that peel when a drop of water comes...

Oil: React with the caulking and the floor will turn gray?
Varnish: Peel after time?
Epoxy: UV Annihilation after time?
Cetol: Turn dark?

Varnish on epoxy is the holly grail? I like wet look but I hated gray or dark wook so oil is probably not a solution for me.

Remember my floor is brand new so it's not a refurbishing solution that I need but a first time, last time solution...
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Cetol Gloss

I would not use regular Marine Cetol on your beautiful new teak.

Not sure if this is the "holy grail" but since your teak is already perfect, you might consider adding about 4 coats of either Cetol Gloss (preferred), and/or Cetol Natural Teak (2nd choice), or apply the natural, then a couple of top coats of gloss. Both will give you a good result without any of the orange-ness of the tinted cetol products. The gloss is harder than the other products and seems to hold up better and the wood looks natural.

As others have noted, maintenance frequency is subject to locale and use but at worst should be no more than a quick scuff and a couple of maintenance coats, as long as you dont let it get bad and peel.

If you do a search on this site, you'll find lots of discussions on this topic. Some love varnish, some hate Cetol products because of the tint. But the bottom line is with the teak, your results will directly coincide with the amount of effort and time and patience put into it.
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Teak Floor/Seating

T37 is spot on right. I missed that detail earlier and was referring to brightwork finish primarily.

The teak flooring and seating offers a non-slip quality to it, even when wet. You should not put anything on it or your be slipping and falling all over the place. Teak decking, seating, flooring should be left natural to retain its non slip quality.
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