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Hi Erikal!

I get chronically seasick myself. This has nothing to do with being scared or inexperienced. I was operated on my ears as a child, and that makes a little more sensitive to motion sickness. This is why I read anything I can get my hands about seasickness, because I dread the first 3 days out.

Theoretically, all persons taller than 4-6 feet can get seasick. You know, it has to do with the inner balance in the brain, and the taller a person is, usually the worse it is. I''m 5-11.

Unfortunately, there seems to be no patent cure for seasickness. Some people swear Gingerale is the cure-all; others take Dramine, some drink beer; still others wear these silly elastic bands, that always get in the way. I shouldn''t critize them though, because it works for some people.

However, my personal cure is drinking one of those magnesium tablets that desolves itself in water in the morning for breakfast. Scientists have found out that the brain requires more magnesium and calcium to deal with the "altered" motion in your environment. This may be true. Anyway, it does help me. Try either calcium or magnesium, but don''t take them simultaneously, because they cancel each other out.

I don''t like Dramine or Bonnie, because they make you tired. That''s not to good if you''re at the helm.



P.S. Never let anyone try to tell you that seasickness is purely pyschological. They don''t have a clue!
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