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Hi Stede,
I found your post while searching for some answers to my Hood SL problems. Mine is a SL 800 that was converted from the LD system by one of the po's.
I have had mine apart and it is not difficult to do. Prior to removal and full disassembly you might try flushing it with fresh water. I hear the salt cakes up in it and can cause the corrosion and other problems to the system.
Remove the aft and forward tack sockets. These are the darker colored inserts that go inside the turnbuckle tube. This is done by removing the Tack Socket Screw (the nylon screw) and sliding the forward tack socket up and our of the tube. Once that is out, remove the aft tack socket by moving the tube off center on the front stay and sliding the sail track up and out of the turnbuckle tube. The socket can then be slid out of the tube. Flush with a warm soapy water solution and then rinse.
Just reverse the removal procedure and try it out. If it works, you'll save having to remove the assembly. It's been a while since your initial post so you might have solved your problem but if you get this and could respond, please let me know how many bearings are in each race. That's my problem. There are suppose to be an equal number of stainless and "torolon" (plastic) bearings in each race but after loosing half of mine to Neptune, I don't know how many to put in each race. I think I have too many in mine and the drum turns very hard.
Good Sailing,
Great Lakes, Salt Free, No Sharks!
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