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These guys have been good to deal with for parts.
Pompanette LLC.
Second this... I had similar problems recently and they were extremely helpful.
Bad bearings would bind with the increased load as you furl and cause it to bind.
The swivel has 4 bearings If I remember the kit(a baggie with plstic and metal ball bearings packed in tooth paste) were $80-90 U.S. each.... the complete swivel assy was $500. If you have lots of time, patience and luck you can replace the ball bearings, but I found it a lot simpler to pay the extra and be done. I cou just see the $90 worth of tiny little balls falling over the side etc.
They originally had to fabricate the parts and I ended up waiting close to a month for pafrts. When I called and spoke with manager he said they were not aware I was in transit (make sure you tell them that) had he known the order would have been expedited.
When I finally got the swivel assy they had also included several other parts for the up dates or modifications at no charge.
They were extremely helpful and very customer oriented.

Good luck and fair winds.....
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