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I own one and am not sure what PART your talking about ? Is it the plastic track the that goes in the mast ?

The current Forespar units do use a similar plastic track

I will scan the manual and post some info LATE tonight BUT i think parts may be diffcult
I've bought a second hand sail boat with a Hood's main sail and boom.
It's a "Hood Stoboom" roller system.
The lower part of the rail on the mast is damaged.
I'm Italian and Hood Italia doesn't exist anymore, anybody know where I can buy the grey fiberglass rail?
Hello Tom, hello Claudio,
I'm also owner of a Hood stoboom.
@Tom: I've found a manual from you @ HOOD STOBOOM Photos by tommays | Photobucket
On page 12 I think, that I've detected a metal rail under the boom. This is not part of my stoboom. I have a clump around the boom (see attachment).

@Tom, @Claudio: do you have photos of your stoboom construction?

Best regards


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