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Panache for sale in Indiantown

Hi Jim,
I saw this message you wrote from 2 years ago. My search for a new home and a global cruiser led me to your boat in Indiantown, Fl. My wife and I live in Niceville, FL, on our 1984 Hunter 31. The boat is a good sailor, but it's a little small, and we want to go to the Bahamas in a year or 2 safely. Our boat gets pretty nasty in big waves, and it's just small and light. Anyway just wondering if you and I could chat before we drive 8 hours to check out a boat.

guess what - even though the post was 2 years old you do get a reply!
Yes, we did meet you on Lake Huron on our way home. Since then we did locate Barry and Paul and the molds. They helped me rebuild the centerboard and are great people. Since we met you the boat went back out to FLA where we fixed the centerboard, then last year over to the Bahamas for the winter. The trip back got us into 51 knot winds out of the North in the middle of the night in the middle of the gulf stream. Panache didn't have any trouble, handles way more than I want to handle! Look out for those squall lines. This year she will go back to the bahamas for the winter. How is your vessel doing? Feel free to email me - well I don't have enough posts to include my email so I guess you can't feel free to email me, so we will have to contact you thru this board I guess.
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