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Saturday morning I was making my usual bicycle ride along the Daytona section of the ICW, and I noticed a 30'houseboat sitting on the bottom just north of the Seabreeze bridge on the east side in about 6-8' of water.
I wasn't the only one who noticed.
1 boatload of coasties.
1 FWC officer
1/2 a dozen Daytona beach police cars.
and a gaggle of river hobos looking on nervously.
I spoke briefly with the officers and the boat owner.
he apparently just bought the boat and brought it from Veronica beach area.anchored Friday night and it sunk by Saturday morning.
the owner had a small skiff and a gas powered pump and was attempting to refloat.
as of Tuesday morning it was still on the bottom.
sadly, it don't look good.
I asked him where he was heading, he said he was planning on staying anchored right there next to his pal who was anchored nearby.
now,I'm an ardent anchoring advocate.
But,this kind of stuff doesn't help bolster public opinion in favor of long term anchoring.
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