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How Dangerous?

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With the loss of the French boat 'Tao' three sailboats have sunk in the western north Atlantic in the last month! It is amazing that only 4 lives were lost.

Loss of Yacht ?Tao?

Last Fall, if memory serves me correctly, 5 boats were severely damaged in the Salty Dawg Rally!

All of these boats seem to have been in a gale while in an area where they under the influence of the Gulf Stream or its eddies.

My Dad was a British sailor in WWII and he taught me that the North Atlantic was a very bad place to be in a Gale, even in a destroyer!

Have the new generation of cruisers failed to realize how dangerous this area of the Atlantic can be?

It would be beneficial if this forum developed a 'read only' thread that records all the sailboat losses and rescues in cruising and racing boats.
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BTW- I've yet to figure out a way to get to the Caribe or back without crossing the western north Atlantic gyre. I've yet to find an insurance company that will let me be in the Caribe from june 1 to nov 1. So think many are forced to cross the stream twice a year when gales/storms may occur.
Pantaenius will the last time I checked.
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