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NoB, this is another one of your: "If you have to ask this question you just don't get it" questions. Jon's answer is quite thorough. Don't. Not where you're planning to go. IIRC, you're planning to cross the SJDFuca. Right? IIRC, too, the winds often come up in the afternoon, so if you leave in the morning, you won't be all the way across by the time the SHTF. Take the engine off the dinghy. Get the dinghy out of the water. You don't have the initial hull speed to overcome the drag. If you lose a knot or two out of the maybe five knots you can move, you're seriously handicapping your movement.

We often sail on the Coho from Victoria to Port Angeles. That ship moves at 15 knots and still takes almost two hours to cross. For you, that'd be a six hour crossing. Chances of the wind coming up would be about almost always.
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