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How does this outhaul work?

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My new to me 1963 Shark 24 is finally in the water after many, many hours of work. I am having issues figuring out how the outhaul works. There is a pulley on the boom on a track(see picture attached) but I am unsure how I am supposed run the line in the pulley. Obviously, I tie a line to the rear corner of the sail, run it around the back of the boom, and then attach to the outhaul pulley, but it doesn't seem to make sense. Anyone had one of these on their boat?


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That look like a setup for a reef line not an outhaul. A line would be tied to the hole, taken under the boom to the sail kringle, then back to the pulley, and then forward to a cleat on the boom.
Special, I guess that is possible. I do not have a ton of experience sailing, but this is the 2nd boat I have redone. I guess I like working on them , now I just have to start to enjoy sailing them more.

Guess i will figure out some way to make the outhaul work...
Just checked the Harken website, and yes, that is for a reefing system. Oh well, guess i need to add an outhaul system now!
Here's a link you can check for your Shark 24 setup.


This is from the Workshop area on the site -
Internal outhaul
<nobr>[ Up ]</nobr>​

Here is advice from Ken Deeley [ [email protected] ]:
Take off both ends of the boom and assemble the (below) pictured rig. The only tough part is to cut the hole for the double block exit and the turning wire block at the boom's outer end. Other than that even I a left handed artist managed it.
My advice is get twice as much line as you think you need and only cut the extra off after the boom is back in place and working. Trouble or more questions remember we are only as far away as your Email . You can fasten "a" farther in the boom but for me with fat fingers the one bolt to hold both "A" and "B" right were I could reach them seemed best and you only use a few feet more line .
Caution: when choosing line get one that has as little twist in it as possible for as you can see the whole rig floats inside the boom and If your line choice is not right the line could twist around the other lines and blocks and increase friction when you pull on your outhaul

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