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Florida is incredibly HUMID so I'd actually expect the boat to dry out better in inland North Carolina. You can find historical NOAA weather data online if you actually want to see temperature and humidity records for both locations, but I'm bring the boat home as soon as convenient, and let it dry out there, under your supervision. Easier to make sure critters aren't moving in, including termites in old wood boats--another Florida blessing.

And if you've got AC power where you'll be keeping the boat, or you rig some solar panels and an inverter system, you can put a couple of "goldenrods" in the bilge. These are low-temperature heating rods used as dehumidifiers, they'll help out even more, regardless of where you are. If there's no hope for power, you buy bags or buckets of "damp rid" and leave them in the boat, they absorb water chemically.

Either way, always better to have the boat where you can keep an eye on it and catch any problems before they grow. Like the pervasive mildew on the Florida southeast coast.
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