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What a beautiful boat! Best of luck with her. My old boat sat for years on the hard in NY and suffered no hull damage although totally unattended if that's any indicator. The bilge and cockpit were filled with ice when I bought her! I think as long as you keep solid ice out of the bilge she should be fine. As far as drying the hull out, it's probably only important if there is structural glass replacement to be done or if you're planning to do a barrier coat. If that turns out to be the case, letting her sit for at least a couple of months is important. Getting a good marine surveyor who is experienced at how to use a moisture meter to determine if there is any moisture damage/blistering or delamination is probably a good idea, although it may be obvious that there is none. I guess it all depends on the quality of the glass layup and initial adhesion between glass layers.

My major job was in replacing rotted deck balsa core. I don't know what your decks are made of but that's something to look at. Most of these older boats did have balsa cored topsides.
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