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I don't know that anyone can give a specific time frame. Water from upstate Pennsylvania and its associated storm debris probably has not yet completely run downstream.

It might take a few weeks at least for storm- and flood-related debris to get washed down Bay. Keep in mind, also, that at some point Conowingo Dam in the Susquehanna River might have to do a release to get rid of crap.

If you decide to go out, keep a SHARP lookout for logs, escaped docks, steel drums, shopping carts, bodies and don't get complacent. I'm not planning on doing any night sailing for a while, either. If you do, have a lantern that someone can use to sweep the water and warn of debris.

Also pay CLOSE attention to the weekly Local Notice to Mariner for off-station and unlit ATONS so that you can update your charts.
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