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Bene, if you hit the container you probably want your crew in the dinghy as well. Then you can forget 20 knots.
I did some testing:
Flat as it gets (lagoon in St martin),
Tohatsu 9.8 HP 2 stroke in reasonably good condition,
Carib RIB dinghy, reasonably smooth bottom (Sunsail size)
Two people, no gear, or provisions (except one small camera, one gps, one bottle of water and one towel)
We made 13 knots (almost 14 with heads down) on full throttle.
Add a third person and you may not plane (man + woman + child = plane, three man = not plane)

Just outside the lagoon (coastal wave conditions) we made about 10 to 11 knots, but after we have changed the direction we hardly made 10.

3 or more people and some provisions: count 4 to 6 knots max.

I also did get into dinghy about 6 miles NE of Anegada BVI.
The conditions were easy trade wind sailing from a Bene 423.
It looked completely different from the dinghy.
I did put on a life weest (to keep my wife happy), but I was glad I had it on just moments later.
Those waves are preventing you to come to plane or you can get killed. You can only plane in one direction: broad reaching with the waves.
Downwind: you are too fast for the waves, upwind - forget it.
You must be alert - once I missed a freak wave from the side and almost flipped the dinghy. Thanks god I was sitting very low and was holding hard.
In moments I have lost the visual contact with the sailboat and that is one very scary feeling. And it was a nice January trade wind day.

Let me see if I find a photo.
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