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How many cruise with a TV aboard?

  • Liveaboard: with TV

    Votes: 54 17.1%
  • Liveaboard: want TV

    Votes: 2 0.6%
  • Liveaboard: not on my boat

    Votes: 30 9.5%
  • Coastal Cruiser: with TV

    Votes: 79 25.1%
  • Coastal Cruiser: want TV

    Votes: 22 7.0%
  • Coastal Cruiser: no way TV

    Votes: 89 28.3%
  • Racer/Day sailor: are you kidding?

    Votes: 42 13.3%
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Montgomery 17
384 Posts
We have a flatscreen onboard too. So far, we have only used it at the dock. Its mounted on the wall very simular to Giu's.

Every time we use it we take it down and prop it up where ever it is most convenient. Sometime in the V-berth and sometimes in the saloon.

Senior Member
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No! No! No! No! Watch the sunset, read a good book, kick back and watch the world around you - don't we all get enough of that media crap the rest of the year????

2,937 Posts
On second thought, we do have a little 5' B&W that runs on battereries.

It will be useless when TV converts to digital.

I'll still listen to baseball and football on the transistor radio while we eat lunch dockside.

But on the water??

NO TV!! No radio, no CDs, just the wind and water!!

Midwest Puddle Pirate
2,160 Posts
I've got one. Bought a 15 inch tv with built in dvd player. I don't normally buy extended warranties, but I did for this because I figure the moisture will kill it at some point.

We don't watch it often, but if it's raining it sure makes the time pass.

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My wife & I are marina rats and only on a few occassions do we anchor. We have been laid over an extra couple days at marinas due to weather systems and it is at those time I would have liked a TV or DVD player to pass the time. Still don't have one, or a stereo for that matter, but the stereo is on it's way. We never had a need for radio or TV while out sailing, only while staying at a marina longer than planned. We do spend a fair bit of time exploring the harbours and checking out all the different boats at the marina but one can only do that so many times and for so long then I need something else to occupy my time.

Mermaid Hunter
5,674 Posts
One in the salon, one in the aft cabin. Godsend when I was disabled. Rigged through an antenna switch to feed from either masthead antenna or cable from a dock. Both are Sharp combo TV/DVD on bulkhead mounts. Performance is improving as more stations go digital.

Glad I found Sailnet
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We have one but use it very rarely, like maybe once. So I voted "yes". Once broadcast goes digital, we'll see if we get the converter for it.


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With marina cable, you bet!

Our marina provides free cable so we do use it evenings we are in the slip. Get to watch a movie, weather, news. It is a Sharp Aquaos (sp?) flat screen that is mounted on an expanding arm so you can fold it flat on the bulkhead or pull out and swivel for better viewing. Bungie it back when sailing. We also can run it on battery and up until next week on our antenna that we ran up on a halyard in an anchorage if we needed to watch something rather than read. We bought it before the HD was reasonable so we are in the "digital dilemma". We have a hard time keeping enough books aboard as we also enjoy reading but have you noticed how expense they are getting???? Sure you can swap in some locales and if you are able to get what you have a hankering for at the library and you plan to be back ashore to return but even paperbacks are getting to be pretty pricey. I have become an avid read it and return it at the get 50% back on your price paid...

S/V "Tango"
Kent Island, MD

1,264 Posts
I spend 8 hours a day staring at a computer screen, why would I want to do it on my off time? :)

Seriously, good conversation, good books (or even mediocre books from a bookswap at a marina), watching a sunset. Very infrequently, less than once a month, we'll watch a DVD on laptop.

We didn't have a tv at home for the last 5 years we lived on land, so never missed it when we moved aboard. In fact I wonder how anyone has time?
1 - 20 of 90 Posts
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