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I just wondered how much planning and preparation people put in for an extended cruise?
Is it on a whim or where the wind is or do you have your whole cruise planned out?
<joke> I'm an offshore guy. I tack on Tuesdays and Fridays. </joke>

I reuse plans, so a lot of the work is many years old. This applies to spares, maintenance, provisioning, procedures, and other lists.

So much is available online that cruising guides aboard are limited to those I read for pleasure (like Bill Shellenberger and Claiborne Young), or might want to review offshore (like Denton Moore and Bruce Van Sant). I download huge swaths of websites and load them on various media including DVDs, USB hard drives, and my phone.

For local cruising even over extended periods we decide each morning where to go based on whim and wind. If we have a goal (get to the Bahamas, get to the Eastern Caribbean, cross the Atlantic, sail around the world) we consider whether whim moves us toward or away from our goal. Sometimes weather or other factors change our goals: one year our plan to cruise the SVI, USVI, and BVI turned into a putter up the ICW from Beaufort NC and a cruise of the southern Chesapeake.
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